Hold Your Horses!

Versatile: endurance, rodeo, camping, showing, play days, reining, cutting, penning

6 feet long x 5 feet high 11 lbs. each

No pins or extra pieces to get lost Free-standing or hook to trailer

Connect with Velcro for easy setup and breakdown

Stores just 9 inches deep

Tack hook included Mini sized panels, too

All parts replaceable with a screwdriver

Call for parts, individual panels, and folding trailer mounts

          HOLD YOUR HORSES!    Carlene Benson

              503-399-1580 Carlene@HYHcorrals.com            


Cash, debit or credit card at time of order

Delivery to PNER ride or pick up in Salem

Here’s what happy owners have to say about their new corrals:

I have been sleeping really well at the rides since I know Midnight is tucked safely away in his corral.  No more escaping in the middle of the night. Thanks for selling a quality product.” 

~ Anne, Washington

“I LOVE the corrals. They are the best. I will write a testimonial for you!!! First time I used them we arrived in the dark. There were boulders and sagebrush we had to work around. I had never set them up before and within a matter of minutes, I had both corrals set up and the horses put away. I would have been crying if I had to set up my old corrals that way! If you had been there I would have kissed you!! Then when we left it was raining and they broke down so quickly I hardly got wet at all”.

~ Valerie, Bay Area

“2007 was my first year riding endurance.  I purchased an electric portable corral for the ride season.  Hearing the words "loose horses" hollered for the first time in the middle of the night, was all I needed to convince me to look for something else.  Hold Your Horses corrals are safe, easy to move, easy to set-up, light weight and best of all, I can finally sleep with both eyes shut knowing my horse is safe and sound when he's in his HYH corral”! ~ Janis, Washington

“The panels are awesome and worth every cent.  I set them up and used them the day after I took delivery.  Itʼs only been one week and Iʼve already used them twice.  My ground is both rough and hilly and I know that I would have had trouble with any other panel that I have seen on the market.  Even a single, 57 year old, not in such good shape female can set up quickly and with little effort”.

~ Val, Medford BCH member


Single panels : $105

Set of 8 panels: $750

Set of 6: $620